My track day at Silverstone

October 27th, 2007

After passing through the main entrance to Silverstone, you drive around the outside of the circuit, starting just around Bridge corner, passing Abbey, Club & Stowe. From Stowe corner, you continue parallel to the circuit, finally crossing to the infield area over the bridge near the start of Hangar Straight. Park up and head into the driving experience reception.

The briefing
Before you get to sit in a car, you have to attend a half hour briefing where an instructor describes the circuit and cars, and has a few words about safety.

First of all, a few introductions. Then the instructor begins to describe the circuit and what it's like to drive around it. Click here to show the Silverstone Southern F1 Test Circuit, the one you're going to drive in the picture at the bottom of the pageon the right.

In addition to the basic information, the instructor describes 'the racing line' through corners. He also gives you an opportunity to handle a steering wheel with paddle shift gears, the type in use on the Ferrari F360, which is what you've really come to drive. This information is shown on one of the pages of the pack you receive on arrival. Click here to show the information on steering wheels and 'the racing line' in the picture at the bottom of the pageon the right.

Go driving !
Once the briefing is complete, you head down to the park where your Lotus Exige and Ferrari F360 await.

Start with a lap in an Exige driven by an instructor to show you the corners. Then it's all change. You're in the driving seat. Once you've completed your laps in the Exige, it's into the Ferrari. On the last couple of laps in the Ferrari, there's a camera on Club corner which takes your picture, just like a theme park! Finally, you attend a debriefing session where you are presented with your certificate.

The following pages document my trackday in words, videos and pictures. I hope you find them interesting. Believe me, it's excellent fun. If you get the opportunity to do it, DO IT.

Click here to see my Ferrari F360 Experience certificate.

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