My F1 drive

Circuit de Barcelona (Catalunya)

July 5th, 2017

Videos from my F1 drive
As a present to me for my 60th birthday, I gave myself the stonking gift of driving a Formula 1 car round a full Formula 1 circuit. Below are some of the videos taken on the day, others from the onboard camera in the Formula 3 car will be on the next page.

Sadly, the onboard camera on the Benetton B198 wasn't working correctly so I didn't get any onboard action especially catching & overtaking the Prost on the main straight; but hell, I still had a blast 😃.

Family affair
In addition to my drive, my daughter was driven around the circuit by a professional racer in a 3-seater modified car.

Viewing the videos
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Formula Renault/Lotus (F3) videos

Benetton B198 Formula 1 videos

Three seater videos