Colin MK I

Initial system

The initial system
The CPU card and the keyboard interface were the first two cards I bought, and once I received them along with their associated manuals, I set about building a rack, hand wire wrapping the bus along the back. For the +5VDC power supply, I managed to get a faulty unit from work and repair it. I designed and built my own power supply to feed the ±12VDC and -5VDC rails. The power units are housed behind the Verorack in the case.

The next card to arrive was a teletext output video card. I could see what I was typing, but had to enter a load of machine code into memory every time I switched on. The cassette interface card was next. This then allowed me to save whatever coding I was doing. Now that I had the basis of a computer, I bought an assembler / disassembler package called ZEN. It was cassette based and allowed me to write some real code, and save it!

Photos of Colin MK I
Below are a few pictures of the case, power supplies and cards that formed the basic system.

This is my system as it existed for quite a few years, until I got round to updating and adding to it. More of that in the following pages.

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