Colin MK II

The table below shows the as built specifications of Colin MKII, circa 1992.

 Processor  HD64180 - 6.144Mhz
 Memory  128kB Static RAM
 Firmware  HBOS V1.81 - (8k EPROM)
 Operating system  CP/M 2.2
 Video display  Memory mapped monochrome display
   - 80 chars x 24 lines
   - Composite video output
 Keyboard  7 Bit parallel ASCII
   - Carter Professional Model 756
 Floppy Disk storage  Dual 8" Floppy drives. SSSD
   - 77 track (Shugart 801)
 Single 3 1/2" Floppy drive. DSSD
   - 40 track (Micro Peripherals)
 Single 5 1/4" Floppy drive. DSDD
   - 40 track (Micro Peripherals)
 Printer output  RS232
 Serial interfaces  RS232 port with full handshaking

The operating system firmware for Colin MK II was in part, derived from the BOS which was running on Colin MK I. Improvements and additions were made to the original BOS, which was then re-named HBOS (Hitachi BOS).

In addition to improving the original firmware, the EPROM was expanded from 2kB to 8kB in order to include the provision of a BIOS section for running CP/M 2.2.

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