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My family & me in black & white

Photos from Mam's old tin box
The pictures below were from my mother's collection. Sadly, many of the photos will never be seen again as the collection was removed from Glanton and taken to America after her funeral in 2005, where they were destroyed.

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The four Broons in 1958. George in the middle, and me, Ian, at the front. Elizabeth and Alan are either side. We're in front of '2 The Croft', with Dad's favourite blue & white Alyssum in the border with roses behind.
The family at Roselea, Glanton. What a bunch!! Me with a cheesy grin. Elizabeth watching the pigeons, and, what kind of pose is that Alan? Was George the shutter man?
My 8th birthday, outside the house at Whittingham. Not the party, just a photo opportunity!
A day at the sea-side with dad, probably at Alnmouth. Sadly, I am nowhere to be seen.
Me when I was a little chap, no higher than the bottom of the front window at 2 The Croft.
That's me again, looking devilishly handsome.
Me on my 'stunt tricycle'. No brakes on this model. Starting and stoppng was by the pedals on the front wheel.
Me on my trusty ride on truck outside the front door of 2 The Croft. The door to the coal house is on the left of the picture.
This is the front of the snow blower that my uncle Jimmy used to drive in the winter, when we used to have real snow, and drifts many feet deep. The blades cut into the snow, which was ejected through a chute into fields next to the road being cleared.
Another view of uncle Jimmy's snow blower. (It really belonged to the local council). Snow chains on the tyres, and the ejector chute is more visible.
During the Xmas party at Whittingham primary school, there was a competition for the best hat. This is a photo of the competitors circa '66/67. My hat won, and was a festive scene with barn, animals & crib. (That's me at the front right hand end).
My Xmas hat complete with barn made from twigs, animals, sandpaper desert, and a crib with the Angel Gabriel flying above. A really good job, constructed with my dad's supervision.

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